CSG High Torque Gearhead

Standard Series and New Lightweight Series! 26 Март 2015, 13:08
Harmonic Drive® CSG series gearheads are improved, high-torque versions of the CSF series.
Torque ratings, life and reliability are significantly improved compared to CSF series products of the same size:
● 30% higher rated torque
● 30% higher repeated peak torque
● 30% higher maximum momentary torque
● 42% longer life (L10 of 10,000 hours)
The external dimensions, mass, torsional stiffness, moment stiffness, positional accuracy, repeatability, input moment of inertia, etc. are all the same as CSF series gearheads.
The CSG-2UH series is a compact precision gearhead which has zero backlash as well as exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The gearhead incorporates a Harmonic Drive gear component into an integral housing. The gearhead also features a high capacity cross roller bearing and output flange to support the load. A New lightweight version is now available which provides the same output torque with a mass averaging 30% lower than the standard series!
Key Features Common to Both Standard and Lightweight Series

High torque capacity

● Zero Backlash
● Accuracy <1 arc-min
● High torsional stiffness
● High efficiency
● Smooth operation
● Robust cross roller output bearing
● Output flange for direct mounting of load